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Before you register on this site, you should carefully study the following official document. This terms of use agreement ("Agreement") is between the Tingoit Business s.r.o., 855/19 Bilkova, Old Town, 110 00, Prague 1 Czech Republic ("Company" or "the Website" or "Application" (including an application for tablets and other mobile devices) and the Participant Aberiz.com and related services ("You", "Participant" or "Participant"), relating to communication with other users and similar web services Aberiz.com ("Service"). By clicking on the "Register" or "Click" button in the registration forms, you confirm your unconditional acceptance of all the terms and conditions of this Agreement and your registration to Aberiz.com.


1. Admissibility. Registering on Aberiz.com you represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years of age. In case of fraud on your part, you are fully responsible, including material nature. When using Aberiz.com you officially represent and warrant that you have the right to enter into this Agreement and comply with all terms of use of the site. You may not allow others to use your account, and you may not give your account to any other person or entity.

2. Term. This Agreement is valid during use Aberiz.com, if you are a registered member. You may stop using the site at any time. To do this, you must apply in writing to the support service of the site. As soon as the application is considered by the site administration, your participation may be suspended.

Aberiz.com has the right to block you for any reason or without explanation. In this case, a notification will be sent to Your e-mail address specified during registration or to any other e-mail address that you specified. After blocking your account on the site Aberiz.com for no reason, you may receive a refund of the money you have spent on the service. If your participation on the site Aberiz.com terminated due to breach of Contract or at Your request, You are not entitled to receive the balance of unused funds. Unused credits will expire 365 days after purchase. Despite the deletion of your account, the terms of The agreement remain in force.

3. Non-commercial use by members. Aberiz.com it is forbidden to use for commercial purposes. Organizations, companies, enterprises and/or other entities may not become members and may not use the service or the website/application for any purpose. Serious legal action will be taken in cases of illegal use of the website/application, including the collection of user data and/or e-mail addresses of participants by special means for the purpose of sending spam and unauthorized interference. You hereby represent and warrant that you will not be able to create databases, websites, applications, software, legal entities and services that will compete with Aberiz.com. You also warrant that you will not use the website/app for any commercial purposes and to send or receive funds through a website/app, create an account with fake user names. You also warrant that you will not be charged for use of the site. Such activities will be identified, your participation may be terminated and serious legal action may be taken.

4. Ownership of the site content. Aberiz.com is the owner of all intellectual property rights in the website/app and service. This includes: database rights, copyrights, design rights, patents, trademarks, and other similar rights. An exception is data that is publicly available or that You have given written permission for. You may not modify, copy, distribute, or sell any such confidential information.

5. The information contained on Aberiz.com:

a) you understand and agree that Aberiz.com can act on their liking. Administration can view, store and delete any information, messages, photos, video, audio and video calls. Also, the site management can delete accounts that have violated the Contract. If a member is abusive, violates rights, or threatens other members, the member's account will be deleted.

b) you are fully responsible for the content of your profile (photos/videos and other information). 

c) by Posting any information on the site, you automatically agree to the full use of this data site Aberiz.com. All copyrights to the content are transferred to the perpetual use of the site / application.

d) illegal and prohibited versions of the content are set out Below. In case of detection by the administration Aberiz.com such information, legal action will be taken. It is also possible to lock your account forever without the possibility of recovery. Types of undesirable information:

- offensive statements that promote bigotry, racism, hatred of any member of society;

- threats to the life and persecution of another user;

- sending spam, advertising information and other unnecessary mail;

- slander and false comments that call for illegal activities;

- distribution of pirated programs and music, agitation of other persons to commit illegal acts;

- public posting of Nude people, pornography and images of any criminal activity;

- materials where there is personal information about people under 18 years of age that can be used for violent or sexual purposes;

 messages where there are detailed descriptions of criminal acts ( for example, how to make a weapon to Rob someone or to create a computer virus);      

- messages where the participant requests passwords or official documents of other users for criminal acts;

- exercise any commercial activities without the knowledge Aberiz.com.

e) you must use the service in accordance with any applicable laws and regulations.

f) in your profile you can not specify the phone number, name, street address, email address. Also, you can not share this data in correspondence with other users. In correspondence it is impossible to specify any references.

g) it is Prohibited to advertise, sell or impose anything on other members of the site. It is forbidden to send spam messages to other users. Violation of the rules of the service is considered to be the use of information received from Aberiz.com for the purpose of harming or harassing another participant. It is forbidden to communicate, sell or ask anything from other participants without their official consent. In order to protect its users from spam, the site administration may unilaterally limit the number of messages per day.

h) it is Forbidden to collect information from the site using specialized software. It is forbidden to use anonymous proxies. It is forbidden to collect information by the method of manual data collection for use in their own selfish purposes.

I) for security purposes, communication with other users may be recorded and stored by the site.

j) Aberiz.com may take legal action against violators of section 5 of the Agreement. In this case, messages can be deleted, and the account of the offender is blocked forever.

6) the Collective registration. If you have registered on the site, you have automatically confirmed your consent to register your account in the partner applications Aberiz.com. By using the services of partners, you fully agree to their terms and conditions.

7. Copyright Policy. It is forbidden to use for their commercial purposes materials that are protected by copyright without the written official consent of the author. If someone uses your copyrighted materials for their own purposes, you can contact the support service of the site. In the request it is necessary to specify about what materials there is a speech, the signature of the owner of the rights, proofs of accessory of materials to you, the contacts (mail, phone, address). The relevant application will be reviewed by competent specialists and the necessary legal measures will be taken based on the specific situation.

8. Disputes between the parties. Each user is responsible for communicating with other members. Aberiz.com can control any disputes between its users, but can not always interfere with them.

9. Calls and texts. By entering your mobile phone number, you agree to receive various messages from the service Aberiz.com. At any convenient time, you can unsubscribe from such mailings. This measure will not affect the purchase of any services or goods. In this case, the mobile number will be visible only to you.

- Messages can come no more than 10 times in 7 days;

- To stop sending send “stop" to the website address;

- The speed of message transmission can vary in different degrees.

10. Interaction with the site by any user is governed by the privacy policy Aberiz.com.

11. Failure to interact. Aberiz.com provides all of its services and use of the site in the form "as is". The website does not provide the ANTICIPATED services. All terms of use of the site are set forth in this Agreement. The site administration does not guarantee the safe, uninterrupted or error-free use of all services Aberiz.com. The site is not responsible for the age of users, their publications and negative messages to you. The site administration warns that the information you post on the site may be used by other participants for their illegal purposes. Aberiz.com for this is not responsible. In this regard, think about what data should be placed in your profile, and what is not worth it. Aberiz.com is not responsible for incorrect information on the site, errors in the site, theft of personal data, technical network problems and so on. Aberiz.com is not responsible for any damage or loss, as well as for any damage or death of the participants of the site as a result of interaction with each other.

12. Partners of the service. To use the services Aberiz.com, you can resort to the help of third parties ("Partners"). Partners are independent contractors. They do not work on the site and are not associated with it. The site administration is not responsible for the actions of partners, including for the services provided or not provided by them. The quality of services depends entirely on the partner. According to the agreement with its partners, the site administration can not give users their coordinates. Partner services guarantee the following:

- Partners provide accurate and complete information that is needed to register new users Aberiz.com before the user registered;

 - Partners are obliged to provide accurate and correct translation of all messages of registered users;

- Partners provide access to additional services under the terms of the Contract with Aberiz.com;

- Any additional services provided by partners, not Aberiz.com will be provided by partners, not the site in the atomic version;

Aberiz.com does not assume any responsibility for the quality of the various services provided by intermediaries. Access to the site is provided "as is". The site administration does not guarantee any visible results from communication on Aberiz.com.

13. Site user. Aberiz.com not interfere with the relationship between site members. Users can delete their profile at any time convenient for them. There are several options for deleting a user account:

a) in that case, if the person no longer needs the services of the site. The support service of the site examines the correspondence of such a user with other interlocutors and can make a positive decision on the return of the money spent. Aberiz.com usually gives the former user of the site no more than 10 credits for the last message he wrote;

b) in the case of a person who has declared the removal of his page without giving reasons, he does not have the right to obtain useful information. This format is regarded by the site as a violation of the rules Aberiz.com. In this case, a person can not count on getting back the credits spent. Aberiz.com in some cases, it can return 10 credits for the last letter;

c) in that case, if a person has found the same profile, but he is not a registered user of the site, the return of the spent credits is not provided;

d) if the user has received a notification from the site administration with irrefutable evidence of violations of the rules, Aberiz.com can reimburse only partially (in some cases);

e) in the event that the user is found on any fraudulent service or is found to be in material breach of the rules of the site with irrefutable evidence, his / her profile shall be blocked forever. The participant who reported such violations of the site can partially return the credits spent on communication with the violator.

Aberiz.com provides its services, focusing on the international law "On marriage intermediaries" (IMBRA).

14. Rights of registered members / profile purchase / additional services and purchases. When registering on the site, the new user has 30 days to purchase a "trial period". During the trial period, the participant receives the following privileges:

a) View other users ' personal pages;

b) Adding your page to the site database. In this option, other users can see your profile;

c) options to change data in your own account;

d) options to read incoming messages from other users without hindrance;

e) options to respond to incoming messages from users with a positive account balance;

f) option to purchase other paid services.  

If you are unable to pay for the services within 30 days, your page will be frozen and access to all services of the site will be lost. But nevertheless, you can pay for participation at any time when you want.

After purchasing the right to permanent participation on the site, the registered person becomes a full-fledged user. All services that are not in the standard list are available for a fee. Your participation on the site will take as long as you do not delete the account. After the first purchase of access and after the following surcharges participation on the site will be automatically extended for some time (depending on the amount spent). You automatically consent to this renewal. If you wish to change or remove access to the site, please contact our support team [email protected] If you delete access to the site, it will not be automatically renewed after the paid period. Cash in this option will not be returned to users.

When ordering, 30-day access to the site, you consent Aberiz.com to withdraw from your account automatically funds to extend paid participation, if this measure will not be cancelled by you in advance. You will receive notifications from the site administration 10 days before the end of the paid period. If you do not cancel the payment, the site will charge the funds from the specified earlier account automatically. By paying for a trial period, you automatically authorize subsequent withdrawals from your account without any special permission from you. You agree that the amount of money may change from time to time due to taxes and other situations. If participation as a regular user has been extended, but the site has not received the appropriate payment — your account will be temporarily frozen. After payment for the service, your profile will be activated again and the report of the time of using the paid service will begin from the date of the actual receipt of funds to the account of the site.

Paid access to the site in the first month is given with a fixed discount. In the following months of payment discount is not provided-the fee will be in the standard equivalent.

When you purchase a paid access, you are guaranteed to receive such privileges:

a) Display your page to other users during the paid period

b) One-Time package of 20 standard loans

c) 10 free online chats of 3 minutes each

d) The First communications are free of charge to any participant. We also offer several credit packages with reduced rates for the loan. Such credits may be applicable to any of the services we provide: chat, email, video and photo sharing, etc.

The cost of paid services:

- Basic chat costs 1 credit per minute;

- One-way video chat costs 4 credits per minute;

- Two-way video chat costs 6 credits per minute;

- The message will cost 1 credit per message (160 characters);

- Cost of sending messages via mobile app-1 credit per message (160 characters);

- Email costs 10 credits 1 piece;

- Sending / viewing video or photo is 15 credits worth of 1 thing;

- Sending stickers costs 5 credits 1 piece;

- Send animated emoticons is worth 1 credit;

- Sending gifts live is from 5 to 1000 credits 1 piece;

- Send a private message to live it is worth 1 credit;

- View videos in any Accente worth 10 credits 1 piece;

- "Let's chat" costs 5 credits for use.

15. Limitation of liability. Aberiz.com does not bear any responsibility to its users in any cases, be it penalties, lost profits, any losses and so on. Even if the site administration is aware of possible losses, it is not responsible for it. Aberiz.com not responsible for the costs that users incur due to communication with other members of the site. This measure also applies to meetings outside the site (travel, meetings, dates, and so on). All of these costs are site members pay completely on their own. According to the Contract, the site does not bear any financial responsibility, except for the amounts that you spent for access to paid services of the site.

16. U. S. Export regulations. The software of the site is fully controlled by the United States. You may not download this product (export/re-export) if you are a citizen of Cuba, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Iran, Syria or any other country to which the United States has imposed a ban on the use of the service. All lists of such countries are specified in the Ministry of trade. By downloading this site, you confirm that you are not a citizen of the embargoed countries and are not included in the prohibited list of US countries.

17. Dispute resolution. You confirm that by registering on the site Aberiz.com and paying there for paid services, you are in the country where the site is directly registered. Any claims or disputes that may arise in the use of the site or its paid services, may be resolved through mandatory arbitration under the LCIA Rules, not judicially. Disputes are resolved by 3 independent arbitrators. The trial in a difficult situation will take place in London, UK. English is the language in which the arbitration proceedings will be conducted in a difficult situation. This Agreement is governed by the material component of the country where the site is registered. There is no judge or jury in the arbitration. The Arbitral award cannot be reviewed. But the arbitrators are able to award you the same damages and legal costs, so you must comply with all the terms of this Agreement.

Listing rules of the LCIA can be found at the link www.lcia.org/Dispute_Resolution_Services/lcia-arbitration-rules-2014. Payment of all current fees will be held according to the rules of the LCIA.

Parties to a dispute agree that any resolution to the dispute will be solely on an individual basis and not in Association with any group or collective.

THE ARBITRATOR MAY AWARD MONEY OR ANYTHING ELSE ONLY TO THE PERSON WHO HAS ADDRESSED WITH THE STATEMENT AND ONLY IN THE RIGHT AMOUNT. THE PAYOUT AMOUNT IS CALCULATED BASED ON THE INDIVIDUAL CLAIM OF THE INJURED CITIZEN. If for any reason the claim is considered in court and not in arbitration administration Aberiz.com refuses to have a jury present. Participants in the proceedings also agree that you or the site administration may file a claim in court for compensation for infringement of intellectual property rights.

As a rule, all proceedings about the quality of services are held through the customer service Aberiz.com. If the disputing parties to the proceedings are unable to resolve the conflict situation, it is necessary to take advantage of special opportunities, which are described in detail in paragraph 14 above. You should also consider the following: if you return any money, the site administration has the right to read all your messages and correspondence with other participants to prove the validity of the presentation of a cash account. According to the privacy Policy, such actions on the part of the site are justified and inevitable, as they are a significant evidence base.

18. Compensation for alleged damage. You automatically agree to compensation of damage to the site administration Aberiz.com in case of an unusual situation. This cost includes payments to lawyers, fines, sanctions. Such measures will result from the use of the site in violation of this Agreement. If you post inappropriate information on the site, violate the copyrights of other users, trade secrets or other intellectual property rights of third parties, you will have to compensate all damages in monetary terms. These measures apply in cases of violation by any party (whether the site or compensation to another party).

19. More. This agreement, which was accepted when using the site Aberiz.com contains a complete list of rules for using the service. Site rules apply to both registered and unregistered users of this site. The agreement may be amended over time by the site administration at its sole discretion. If any provision of this Agreement is held invalid for any reason, the remaining provisions of the General Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

Last updated September 2018

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